I am constantly amazed by the traffic I get here. I average about 200 hits a day (a little less on the weekends). Some days, I get as many as 280 hits. I want to thank all my regulars for their contribution to my hit count. When I check my sitemeter, I get a picture of where my visitors come from, and which posts are attracting the most traffic.

I don’t get it. This is not an “international” forum. Most of what I discuss would be meaningless to anyone outside of the US, or at least, North America. Some of it is just meaningless, period. But as you can see, 40% of my traffic is from outside the U.S., and 31% from overseas.

As if the breakdown by country wasn’t odd enough, check out the top 5 favorite posts, according to SiteMeter:

26% http://morningglory2.wordpress…ies-and-the-men-who-love-them/
14% http://morningglory2.wordpress…unday-top-ten-list-sandwiches/
12% http://morningglory2.wordpress…2007/02/04/favorite-toys-meme/
12% http://morningglory2.wordpress…the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly/
5% http://morningglory2.wordpress…05/07/greensberg-tornado-pics/

And according to WordPress:

Top Posts (of all time)

For the ladies, and the men who love them, 9,337 views

Favorite Toys Meme, 6,433 views

‘Perfect Major’ Quiz, 1,875 views

Top Searches (of all time)

lipstick, sandwiches, map of new jersey

Most Active (unsure of the timeframe here)

For the ladies, and the men who love them, 237 views

Favorite Toys Meme, 143 views

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, 112 views

For whatever reason, the post about lead in lipstick is the number one, top ranking post of all time (well, of the 3+ years I’ve been blogging). There have been over nine thousand hits on that post since I put it up on October 30 of last year, 7-1/2 months ago. Why?

The lipstick post is followed by one about my favorite sandwiches, one on toy nostalgia, and one on little-known facts about New Jersey. Huh? The Greensburg, KS tornado pictures get a good number of hits, even though it’s been more than a year since the storms, and the ‘Perfect Major” quiz has been popular since I put it up, getting at least one hit every day.

I just don’t get it.