UPDATE TO This Post: I’ve had a few more appointments with a couple more doctors, and still we don’t know what’s going on with my legs. The left one developed a bacterial infection caused by the high protein content of the fluid that’s building up. I was running fever, and the leg was red, warm to the touch, and of course swollen. The first antibiotic my doctor put me on (Avelox) didn’t do a blessed thing; after 7 days (of a 10-day course) he switched me to Augmentin XR. That seemed to have knocked the infection out, but then within 3 days of stopping the antibiotic (after taking a full 10-day course = 17 days total on antibiotics), the infection is back.

I had an abdominal CT scan to check the lymph nodes in the abdomen. Everything came back normal. My internist set me up with a cardiologist, who I saw yesterday. He just asked a bunch of questions, and set me up for stress test/echocardiogram next week. In the meantime, as long as I keep my feet elevated as much as possible, watch my salt, take my 160 mg of furosemide (diuretic) and potassium supplement every day, I can keep it under some semblance of control. My legs still don’t match; the left is much more affected than the right, although both are swollen. I can wear lace-up shoes, as long as I keep the laces loose.

Will post more when there’s more to tell. Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed to ask how I’m doing. It’s cool knowing that folks care.