A thought from Mostly Cajun’s best friend Chrissy:

“A taxpayer voting for Obama is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders”.

What more is there to say?

I bought Dick Morris’ new book, Fleeced, yesterday.  I’m only on the second chapter, but let me tell you, it’s scary stuff.  Admittedly, I’m not a great fan of John McCain; however, there is very little I can think of that would be worse for this country than an Obama presidency.  This book crystallizes all the reasons that we cannot allow Obama to win in November, not the least of which is posted today at The Other Side of Kim:

…if you’re stupid enough to stay home as a protest or vote for Bob Barr, helping Obama get elected, you deserve to live in North Korea.”

Judge Stevens is 88, Ginsburg is 75, Kennedy is 72, Scalia is 72 and Breyer is 70.

MoK at Six Degrees of Blondness, regarding recent Supreme Court decisions, in particular the one granting rights to Gitmo detainees:

I think future generations will look back at this generation and wonder what the hell we were smoking: coddling illegal immigrants, refusing to use our energy options, giving citizens’ rights to terrorists, falling for the global warming hoax, all the craziness. I’m sure they’ll think there was some hallucinogenic poison in our water, to make us act so obviously against our own best interests. They’ll be mystified why we didn’t rise up and get rid of the dopes in Washington who are doing this to us.
After all, we’d only have to tar and feather fewer than 600 lawyers (Congress, the Supremes, the Prez) to take our country back. We could do it in a night if we had the guts. But we don’t.

Ahhh, nothing like leaving our legacy for future generations to clean up.