A very dear friend of mine who is otherwise intelligent and level-headed is a little disappointed that Hillary didn’t get the nomination (as I am that Fred didn’t).  As a result, she’s supporting Obama for President.  We’ve been trading e-mails for over a week now, each of us presenting our reasons/arguments for supporting the candidate of our choosing (America – what a country!).  This morning, she sent me this:

All I can say is WOW.  Are they really telling me that I can’t use birth control?  I am almost 43 years old.  If I got pregnant now, it might just kill me.  How is that not part of my “health care”?  (At this point she links to this lead in/article)

Does Bush proposal threaten access to the pill?

A White House proposal aimed at protecting health-care workers who object to abortion and some birth-control methods has escalated a debate over the balance between religious freedom and patients’ rights.

I really feel like what she sent to me is just one more example of taking a simple idea and blowing it out of proportion.  Just as one person has the right to work in a place where they disallow someone from putting up anti-abortion posters, others have the right to NOT distribute or facilitate the distribution of birth control as a part of their job.  My OB/GYN can’t practice at a Catholic-run hospital because he does tubal ligations.  Should he sue the Pope?  To take it to the extremes that the MSNBC writer does (consider the bias of the source) is ridiculous at the very least.  There is NO WAY this will ever happen.  I responded with this:

All I can say is WOW.  Are they really telling me that now I have to pay enough taxes to support the WHOLE WORLD?  I’m 50 years old – I need to keep what money I earn so I can save for my retirement, not send it off to some autocratic dictator in Africa.  We all know that Social Security isn’t enough to live on, if it’s even around in 18 years when I’m finally eligible to collect.  (At this point I link to this lead in/article)

Election ’08: A plan by Barack Obama to redistribute American wealth on a global level is moving forward in the Senate. It follows Marxist theology – from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.