Back in March of ’06 (geez, I can’t believe I’ve been blogging that long!) I wrote a post titled “Interment, or Cremation?” wherein I made my preference for cremation very clear.  Earlier today, I saw a post at Baboon Pirates that directed me to the MedCure website.

My aunt had requested that her body be donated to science after her death. My cousins chose a company called MedCure. This company handles all the arrangements, works with med schools and hospitals to ship the deceased, and following whatever procedure is done, cremates the body and returns the ashes to the family within a month, all free of charge.

If you’re already contemplating cremation, you might give this some thought. You might end up doing some good, and as an added benefit, you completely bypass the vultures in the corporate funeral industry. And that makes Baby Jesus smile.

From a post at Baboon Pirates.

I’ve requested more information from them, but on the surface at least it seems like a great idea.  Even more so if you’re like me, and your organs will most likely be “unsuitable” for transplant.  Really, what can they do with the heart/lungs of a 50-year old, overweight smoker?  For that matter, I wish we’d known about this when my mother passed away two years ago; this is just the kind of thing that she would have been proud to support.