Two Muslim women who attended Barack Obama’s event Monday in Detroit were told they couldn’t stand behind the candidate, Politico reported. One was told her head covering was an issue, and another was told by an Obama volunteer that for political reasons they didn’t want Muslims appearing with him on TV.

“I was quite disappointed. The Obama campaign to me, represents a change from traditional politics and embodies an America which supersedes discrimination and racism. This incident is in stark contradiction to that notion,” said Lydia Habhab, a 23-year-old Arab Muslim-American graduate student and Dearborn, Michigan native.

“For a candidate who is talking about change, and who is a minority … who is talking about giving hope to everyone, it was very offensive to me as a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf,” said Tuqa Nusairat, a 24-year-old Arab Muslim-American who is a Virginia native and graduate student.

Now who is the racist? It appears the Obama campaign is. We only stated that Obama is Muslim which is the same as stating Jesse Jackson is black. Barack Obama is the one that is attaching a negative connotation to being a Muslim. The Muslim community has been thrown under the bus by Barack.

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