This week’s column from conservative Burt Prelutsky discusses many of the imperfections in our system.

Frankly, I never thought I’d feel sorry for Hillary Rodham Clinton, but I do. Thanks to the mainstream media banding behind her opponent, she lost primary after primary before talk radio hosts and Internet bloggers got the unvarnished, unpleasant truth out about Obama. By the time Americans found out what kind of man her opponent is and she started winning elections, it was too late to catch up. By that time, too many of the so-called superdelegates had, like those horses in “Cinderella,” turned back into the rodents they really were.

From earlier in the same article:

Do you realize that Speaker Pelosi, who is only a few heartbeats from the Oval Office, owes all of her power and prestige to the fact that about a hundred thousand people in San Francisco, a city in which cross-dressers constitute a voting bloc, voted her into the House and about 125 House Democrats then elected her to the speakership? You need more votes than that to be elected the mayor of Fresno.

The full article is here >> Why I’m voting for John McCain.