Unless we take immediate action, some conservative legislators may cave in and give up when it comes to giving the American people a measure of energy independence and relief from high prices at the gas pump.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid just played his trump card, which is the political equivalent of blackmail and extortion.

Simply put, Reid is telling conservatives in Congress to give up on “drill here, drill now” … agree to “sham” legislation that will increase your taxes and drive up your cost for gasoline at the pump … or he’ll make sure conservatives take the blame for shutting down the government.

According to the Capitol Hill newspaper, The Hill:

“Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) cautioned Republicans Monday against forcing a government shutdown over expanded oil drilling while noting increased support for bipartisan energy legislation… Republicans are mulling whether to press the offshore oil drilling fight by blocking the funding resolution, which contains the congressional moratorium on such drilling. Reid reminded the GOP that its government shutdown led by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) during the Clinton administration was met with widespread public disapproval.”

Reid went on to self-righteously pontificate:

“We are not interested in any games being played. We simply want to make sure the government is allowed to function. There have been Republicans saying what they want to do is close down the government. I would hope that some of those people have read very recent history where Gingrich tried to do that and it didn’t work out well for the Republicans and certainly didn’t work out well for this country.”

The only ones playing games here are Harry Reid and his liberal cohorts in Congress.

This sickening gamesmanship and disgusting political maneuvering beg some rather obvious questions:

http://www.grasstopsusa.com/check.gifWhat does a moratorium on drilling have to do with funding the United States government in the first place?

Why not take the drilling moratorium out of the funding resolution and allow a fair-up-or-down vote on domestic drilling?

That’s why we have our own message for Reid and his liberal allies in Congress who are dead set on raising the price of gasoline and keeping us dependent on foreign oil at the behest of left-wing special interests.

Harry Reid needs to be told, in no uncertain terms, that holding the American people hostage is not a “game” and the American people are not going to let him get away with it!

Moreover, our elected leaders (particularly the conservatives in Congress who have bravely championed the call for domestic drilling and lower prices at the pump) need to understand that NO LIBERAL-INSPIRED “COMPROMISE” OR SO-CALLED “COMPREHENSIVE” LEGISLATION WILL BE TOLERATED… PERIOD!

If Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and liberals in the House and Senate want to play games and shut the government down over this issue… SO BE IT! The American people will know who is to blame!

Center for Individual Freedom