WASHINGTON (AP) — After leaving the White House, the nation’s “reader in chief,” Laura Bush, plans to continue promoting literacy through the United Nations and the George W. Bush presidential library in Dallas.

The first lady, who will host the National Book Festival on Saturday, also said in an interview that she hopes her signature Washington event becomes a lasting tradition — and she’ll whisper something about that to the next first lady. This is the eighth year for the book festival.

Visitors to the festival also will get a peek at the World Digital Library set to debut in 2009, which will allow people to access the collections of major national libraries including Brazil, Russia and Egypt. The online library will be available in seven major languages.

Looking five or ten years into the future, Bush said electronic reading devices may play a larger role in the book festival.

“My mother-in-law, for instance, is now reading from a little hand-held screen that she can download books on,” Bush said of former first lady Barbara Bush. “But I also think that there will always be a place for the book and that people love to collect books.”

The Associated Press: First lady hosts her final National Book Festival.

She doesn’t actually say it’s a Kindle, but chances are pretty good that’s what it is!