LawDog is pressed into opining about The Bailout.  He claims that he is bored by economics, but he seems to have boiled it all down and reached a conclusion that I, for one, can find no argument with:

So, my personal feeling about The Great Bailout is that Congress is about to go through my wallet at gunpoint (again) and give (more) of my hard-earned money to a whole bunch of alleged adults (not me) who monumentally — and with their eyes wide open — cocked things over.

And — quite frankly — I’m getting bloody tired of my tax dollars paying for screw-ups that I didn’t make.

It grows … irksome.

The LawDog Files: Meditations on The Bailout.

And again I ask ‘where in the Constitution does it say that the Federal Government has the responsibility/right to use my tax dollars to shore up private enterprise?’