Nicki Fellenzer responds to a Letter to the Editor in her local paper.  The letter asks gun owners to voluntarily forfeit their right to bear arms.  Yeah, right – that’ll happen!

There’s nothing I can add to this particular post that would give it any more truth or meaning.  Go.  Read.  You’ll be glad you did!

To sacrifice one’s right to self defense – whether against an armed predator or a tyrannical government – is to sacrifice one’s will to live. The right to life – the love of that life – implies the right to defend that right. It’s a logical consequence of a desire to live – a desire to protect your life. To sacrifice this is to prostrate oneself on the altar of self-loathing, and this is what this particular coward calls for.

It’s not a love of guns It’s a love of life It’s a love of the ability to defend your life, without relying on others to do it for you and without meekly hoping the nanny state will protect you. And for the love of freedom, I will continue insisting on my right to bear arms. I will continue to work to protect it.

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