I received the following letter from a friend who is in the real estate appraisal business in Asheville, NC.  I hope all of my readers will take the time to look at what it says, and respond by printing the letter that I’ve linked and sending it on to Mr. Ridenour.

My apologies if you’ve already received this from someone else.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling the Senate back for a lame duck session on November 17 to pass a bill that will lock up millions of additional acres of land, threaten private property rights, restrict access to land for energy exploration, and threaten the BLM’s long-standing multiple use management philosophy.

The bill would create a National Heritage Area system, tying all previously-approved and future National Heritage Areas together, establishing de facto federal zoning under the guise of protecting America’s cultural, natural and recreational resources.

It would also codify the National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS), permanently locking up millions of acres of land administered by the BLM, including Wild and Scenic Rivers, national monuments, wilderness study areas, National Scenic Trails and National Historic Trails and other conservation areas.  Once established, NLCS could easily be expanded beyond these areas.

BLM land has historically been reserved for “multiple uses,” including for agriculture, recreation, mining, timber harvest and other uses.  The NLCS would threaten this long-standing  philosophy by placing conservation above traditional uses.  And the NLCS’s reach could be almost limitless as it specifies that land be managed “in a manner that protects the values for which the components of the system were designated.”  The use of such an overly-broad term as “values” has in the past led to special protection for “viewscapes,” “sound scapes” and even “smell scapes.” (emphasis mine – MG)

The provision thus has enormous implications for farmers, miners, foresters, ranchers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Below is a coalition letter that was written by our friends at Americans for Tax Reform.  I strongly encourage you to sign onto it and return it to me right away.  Just reply to this email and indicate precisely how you’d like to be listed (name, title and affiliation).  I’ll then send it on to Americans for Tax Reform.

OUR TIME IS VERY SHORT, SO I’D BE VERY GRATEFUL IF YOU’D SEND ME YOUR RESPONSE BY NOVEMBER 4.  Please feel forward this to others in your network.  We need as many organizational signers as possible.

This is extremely important and we have an extraordinary, limited-time opportunity to make a difference.

Thank you so much for your kind consideration.


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