My son and I went out for lunch on Sunday, on the way to do my weekly shopping.  I take him with me shopping whenever I can talk him into it; he’s a great pack mule.  It makes up for all the shopping trips when he was younger, and I had to lug him and the groceries.

Anyway, Sunday was the first day off of Daylight Saving Time, and our tummies hadn’t quite adjusted yet.  End result of that was that we wanted lunch earlier (by the clock) than we would have on any other Sunday.  So we show up at Ruby Tuesday at 11:45 AM, get a table, and a genial young fellow comes over to take our order.  Sean ordered a Sam Adams Winter Ale, and the bartender looked at his watch.  “Sorry, I can’t serve alcohol for another 15 minutes.  I’ll bring you some water in the meantime, and at noon I’ll bring over your beer.”   I ordered the same, and the waiter left.

He came back a few minutes later with our ice water, and to take our food order.  Sean ordered the Bison Burger (they’re really good!), and the waiter asked how he wanted it cooked.

“Medium rare.”

“Sorry, we can’t cook them less than medium.”

“Well, as rare as you’re allowed to make it then.”

North Carolina law says that ground meat served in a restaurant has to be cooked to an internal temperature of … whatever “medium” is (I could look it up, but you get my point).

After the waiter left the table, Sean looked at me and said “That’s twice in five minutes that the government managed to piss me off by not letting me have what I wanted, under the guise of ‘looking out for me’.”

As I write this, we’re on the brink of putting a socialist into the White House.  Remember that when you go out to vote today.