Christopher Beam has published an article in Slate magazine wherein he says:

But if you were promoting a very different kind of company—Delta Plumbing, for example—then you’d be within your rights to use As long as you’re not profiting off a person or company by misrepresenting them, you’re probably OK.

via Is cybersquatting against the law? – By Christopher Beam – Slate Magazine.

I beg to differ.  There is a local company here in the Triangle that has been waging a years-long battle against a cybersquatting case.  The domain in question is, which belongs to a local computer company.  The owner of the company is a gentleman by the name of Uzi Nissan, an Israeli-born entrepreneur who registered the domain name in 1991 – when today’s Nissan Motors was still using the name Datsun. He was early to get on board the internet train, and he got the name first.  It’s his name.  It’s his company’s name.  And when he registered it, no one else was using it.

In 1999, eight years after Mr. Nissan registered the domain name, the Nissan Motor Company sued him for cybersquatting, to the tune of $10,000,000!  He has been in and out of court ever since, paying exhorbitant legal fees, and basically getting nowhere.  You can read his whole story here.  You can also order anti-Nissan bumper stickers or make a donation to help pay his legal fees.  As someone who has always tried to look out for the little guy, this is a cause I think worthy of support.