A New Jersey blogger bestows his awards for the best and worst of 2008, and earns himself a spot on my blogroll (I’m sure he’s just thrilled by that!).  Here’s a sample, click the link to see them all.

8. The Single Word that was Most Annoying.

The Winner – “Green.” Yes, “Hope” and “Change” were close contenders, but they are two words, and as sickeningly pervasive as they are, they are nowhere near as ubiquitous as the word “Green.” Green this, green that, the city’s going green, the company’s going green, green energy and, perhaps the one that makes my hair hurt the most, “Green Jobs.” Believe it or not, conservatives don’t want to shit the place up. We live here too. But, enough with the stupid squiggly light bulbs (with mercury in them) and mindless regulations such as those that require a Hazmat Team to show up dressed like astronauts if someone drops a thermometer on the floor, or those that slam the brakes on property development, because two goddamned whateverfinches live on the 100-acre tract.

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