Spirit Airlines wants $90 each from Rob and Jeff Kolodjay, two of the passengers in last week’s U.S. Airways flight 1549, because they’re not using the return leg of their tickets. Rob and Jeff were on flight 1549 in the first place because Spirit canceled their original flight.

Rob and Jeff Kolodjay were scheduled to fly on Spirit Airlines to a golf vacation with four other friends on Thursday out of LaGuardia in New York City. Their flight got cancelled, and they were rebooked on to US Airways flight 1549.

When they tried to cancel the return tickets on Spirit they could not use because they never made it to Myrtle Beach, the company representative insisted on charging them a cancellation fee.

Well done, Spirit! You have managed to take the one really awesome airline story of the last few years and turn it into a bad PR opportunity. Please charge yourself a congratulations fee.

via Spirit Airlines: Spirit Airlines Tries To Charge Cancellation Fees On Passengers It Put On Flight 1549.