Remember I was burglarized on March 13?  Well, Tuesday night I came home from work and I’ll be damned if they didn’t come back and do it again!  This time they pulled my flat screen TV off the wall (doing considerable damage to the drywall), and took a 10-gallon water bottle that was about 1/3-full of change.  That’s all that was missing … but they made one HELL of a MESS.  They disconnected my computer monitor, put it in the bathtub, and turned the shower on.  When I got home, the shower was still running, and the floor was flooded (because they didn’t close the shower curtain).  I had Sheriff’s deputies and detectives at the house till one o’clock in the morning.  They trashed my bedroom, disturbed the spare bedroom (but apparently didn’t find anything to their liking), busted a ceiling fixture in the den (glass all over the floor), and generally vandalized my house.

The insurance adjuster is coming tomorrow morning.  By my calculations, I have about a $7,000 claim; however, I will have to prove that I owned some the stuff that was stolen.  Since most of the jewelry was either gifts or stuff I inherited from my Mom, that might prove difficult.