county-lockupI just got a call from a Detective at the Sheriff’s Department.  The two low-life dirtbags that broke into my house twice last month have been caught, and are currently cooling their heels in the county lockup awaiting prosecution.

Unfortunately, none of my property was recovered.  The two critters had also broken into several other residences in the area over the past 4 or 5 weeks; that means that they weren’t targeting me in particular, even though I felt like they were.

I’m still waiting to hear from my homeowner’s insurance regarding the claim I filed.  Or I should say, claims.  Because it was two separate break-ins, they are treating it as two separate claims.  That way, they can apply the $500 deductable twice.

I also have a $250 limit on my policy for any jewelry that is not specifically insured under a rider.  None of my jewelry was individually insured.  They will cover all of the damage that was done during the second break in.  I’m holding out hope that I’ll get at least some money back from all this.  I fully intend to notify the District Attorney of the difference between the value of what was stolen and what my insurance covers, in the bizarre hope that the judge will order the varmints to pay restitution.  We all have our little fantasies!