This video fascinates me.  I don’t remember how I originally found it, but I keep going back to it and watching it over and over.  The idea that this is a completely mechanical device amazes me; I guess I’ve lived in the electronic age all my life.  Even the blue LED’s are controlled mechanically.  The actual light is constant, only the position changes, and that’s because of the movement of the disks, not movement of the light itself.

I want one.  Except I would make the grasshopper friendly and cheerful, instead of creepy; (Wikipedia explains the creepiness factor: Chronophage (literally “time eater”, from the Greek χρόνος [chronos] time, and φαγω [phago] I eat). It moves its mouth, appearing to “eat up” the seconds as they pass, and occasionally it “blinks” in seeming satisfaction. The creature’s constant motion produces an eerie grinding sound that suits its task. The hour is tolled by the sound of a chain clanking into a small wooden coffin hidden in the back of the clock.), but I don’t think I would be able to sleep at night with that thing in my house.