I woke up this morning with a headache.  Too much sun?  Perhaps.  Here’s the story.

I spent the day yesterday at my sister’s house, hanging by the pool, catching rays.  It was hot.  Really, really hot.  And humid.  I was projectile sweating.  Much time was spent actually IN the pool rather than poolside.  I have acquired a raccoon tan, from wearing sunglasses all day.

My niece, who lives in Texas with her husband (Sgt. Fred), is visiting.  She doesn’t travel lightly – which is to say that she came to visit with her two sons (ages 5 years and 13 months), her two pit bulls, and her two cats.  Renee has to have two of everything.  Except husbands.  One Sgt. Fred is enough.  And he’s not with her.  Go figure.

Anyway, if you combine her and her entourage with the permanent residents at my sister’s, which include (in addition to my sister) my 77-year old stepfather, my 20-year old nephew and his girlfriend, my 19-year old niece and her 3-month old daughter, a Great Dane, a Border Collie, a Pit Bull/Poodle mix and her 6-week old puppy, and a 19-year old black cat named Mr. Doo, you can only begin to imagine the chaos.  Dogs barking.  Children squealing with delight or squalling with pure pissed-offed-ness.  Parents, grandparents, great-grandparent, aunts, uncle and cousins screaming to be heard over the general cacophony.  Dogs fighting.  Cats yowling.  Great-grandpa (who is the poster child for crotchety old men everywhere) grumbling.

So, I’m blaming my headache on too much sun.  But then again …

Today, I intend to stay home.  Alone.  In the air conditioning.  Maybe a nap.