When Nothing Else Matters


On Monday, October 11, I didn’t go to work.  I had a sore throat and laryngitis.  I did go to the local pharmacy and picked up an OTC dayquil/nyquil combo pack and some cough drops. On Tuesday, I didn’t feel any better so I stayed home again.  On Wednesday, I went to the doctor.  Clearly something was going on.  When I arrived at the doctor’s office, he took one look at me, checked my blood oxygen, and called 911 for an ambulance to take me to the hospital.  When I arrived at the hospital, I was put on a ventilator, feeding tube and central line from Wed 13th thru Thurs 21st.  I have no memory of anything between arriving at the hospital and waking up from the ventilator 8 days later.  I’m told I nearly died, but you couldn’t prove it by me.  I was released from the hospital late yesterday (10/24).  There’s this stranger living in my body.  She doesn’t smoke.  She doesn’t even breathe very well.  She uses portable oxygen.  She gets winded walking from one end of the house to the other.  But she will continue to improve every day.

My daughter is here from Texas.  My sister had a POA while I was incapacitated.  My living will is missing, likely the victim of a burglary last spring when my strongbox was stolen.  I won’t be going back to work before Thanksgiving, according to my doctor.  I’m very glad I have AFLAC.

Best Buddies


My niece is visiting my sister with her two rug rats.  It’s a shame that grandma’s dogs don’t like kids.   This is Zeke, the Great Dane, and 14-month-old Alex.

There's nothing like a mid-afternoon nap on the deck

On another happy note, my grandson is coming to visit me later this month.  Oh, and his Mom & Dad, too, I guess.

If I Owned a Store I Would SO Put This Sign Up …


…with all the amendments and attachments thereon.  There is little that annoys me more than seeing someone’s kids running around, screaming and raising hell and no one doing anything about it.

How I Spent My Saturday


I woke up this morning with a headache.  Too much sun?  Perhaps.  Here’s the story.

I spent the day yesterday at my sister’s house, hanging by the pool, catching rays.  It was hot.  Really, really hot.  And humid.  I was projectile sweating.  Much time was spent actually IN the pool rather than poolside.  I have acquired a raccoon tan, from wearing sunglasses all day.

My niece, who lives in Texas with her husband (Sgt. Fred), is visiting.  She doesn’t travel lightly – which is to say that she came to visit with her two sons (ages 5 years and 13 months), her two pit bulls, and her two cats.  Renee has to have two of everything.  Except husbands.  One Sgt. Fred is enough.  And he’s not with her.  Go figure.

Anyway, if you combine her and her entourage with the permanent residents at my sister’s, which include (in addition to my sister) my 77-year old stepfather, my 20-year old nephew and his girlfriend, my 19-year old niece and her 3-month old daughter, a Great Dane, a Border Collie, a Pit Bull/Poodle mix and her 6-week old puppy, and a 19-year old black cat named Mr. Doo, you can only begin to imagine the chaos.  Dogs barking.  Children squealing with delight or squalling with pure pissed-offed-ness.  Parents, grandparents, great-grandparent, aunts, uncle and cousins screaming to be heard over the general cacophony.  Dogs fighting.  Cats yowling.  Great-grandpa (who is the poster child for crotchety old men everywhere) grumbling.

So, I’m blaming my headache on too much sun.  But then again …

Today, I intend to stay home.  Alone.  In the air conditioning.  Maybe a nap.

Pimping for Hits

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My beautiful daughter has started her own blog.  She’s decided that since her brother and I are both bloggers, she should give it a shot.  It’s kind of like a family tradition.  As a wife, a mom, a student, a dog owner/lover, and a combat veteran, she has much to offer.  Please stop by and speak howdy!

mY LiFe

Sunday Top Ten List – Least Favorite Household Chores


I almost forgot to do a Top Ten list today.  I’m not really ‘back in the habit’ of blogging.  Lucky I remembered, or all my hordes of fans (all three of you!) would have been devastated.

Since most of today has been dedicated to housework, I’ve chosen my least favorite chores for today’s list.  Since I’m an empty-nester, I do both the inside and outside chores around here.  Therefore, both are eligible for the list.  I’ve not included home improvement chores like painting.

  1. Rolling up the garden hose.  I have no problem with watering the garden, but I despise rolling up the hose when I’m done.  It’s always wet and muddy and I can’t seem to get the job done without getting mud on my clothes, or my legs if I’m wearing shorts.
  2. Dusting.  I make it a point to not have a lot of bric-a-brac crap around the house, because it’s just something else that needs to be dusted.  My mother was the QUEEN of bric-a-brac.  Every flat surface in her house had some cutesy/hokey ornament on it.  Dusting took her all day.  As for me, you could easily write your name in the dust on most of the flat surfaces in my house.  Just please don’t date it.
  3. Cleaning the ceiling fans.  This goes right along with dusting.  I have ceiling fans in the living room and my bedroom.  They collect dust and cat hair, and it’s impossible to clean them without getting the mess all over the floor/bed/couch.
  4. Cleaning the refrigerator.  I habitually save leftovers, even when there’s only a tiny bit left, telling myself that I’ll use it in soup or take it for lunch or something.  But I never do.  So when the time comes to clean out the fridge, there’s no telling what I might find, and in what state I might find it.  Sometimes, I’ll just toss the container and all.  And will someone please, please tell me how the cat hair gets into the fridge?  Are they cruising in there when I’m not home, looking for bounty?
  5. Cleaning the bathtub.  I have a garden tub and a stall shower in my bathroom.  I use the shower daily.  I almost NEVER use the tub.  I noticed the other day that there were  actual COBWEBS in there.  So today when I vacuumed, I just vacuumed out the tub, too.  Cobwebs and dust.  And a dead spider.
  6. Folding sheets.  I’m not fond of folding ANY of the laundry, but I particularly dislike folding sheets.  Especially the fitted ones – there’s no way those suckers are going to come out anything resembling square.  An irregular polyhedron is the best I can do.  I’ve learned to wash them, dry them, and put them back on the bed.  I do this till they’re worn out, then I buy a new set.
  7. Collecting the trash.  From the bathrooms.  And the bedrooms.  And the den.  And the kitchen.  The laundry room.  Getting it all together, bagged up, and out to the car to take to the ‘convenience center’.  Generally, I can get a week’s worth of garbage into one of those big black bags, which is why I don’t pay $20 a month for once a week pick up.  Then I have to haul it all the way to the curb, in their special cans that they can lift with the lifter thingy on the truck, and then haul the empty can all the way back up to the house.  Keep in mind that my driveway is about a quarter mile long.  PITA.  It’s ever so much easier to only have to take it to the car, then toss it in the compactor when I get to the center.
  8. Emptying the dishwasher.  I hate this job so much that, since my son moved out in November, I haven’t even USED my dishwasher.  It’s easier to just rinse up my couple of dishes by hand, put them in the drainboard to dry, and then use them again the next time I eat.
  9. Cleaning the litter box.  No explanation needed.  I had to have my oldest cat put to sleep last month.  The other two don’t use a litter box – they prefer to go outside to do their business.  So, the litter box has been officially retired.  Good riddance.
  10. Putting away the clean laundry.  I swear, I live off the top of my dresser.  I’ll wash it, dry it, fold it, and carry it into the bedroom.  From there, it gets piled onto the dresser and seldom, if ever, sees the inside of a drawer.  I have no excuse or explanation.  Just a bad habit I got into years ago, and have never been sufficiently motivated to break.

That’s it.  The ten things I’m most likely to not do if I can see a way out of it.

It’s My Own Fault for Drinking Red Wine With Chicken


I made roast chicken and fettuccine Alfredo for dinner, and poured myself the last glass from a bottle of Merlot to go with it.  Then I proceeded to knock the glass over into my lap, all over the plate and the table, not to mention the floor.  I”m such a klutz.  Khaki pants with red wine stains.  Light brown leather shoes with red wine stains.  And I didn’t even get a sip – like I said, it was the last glass.  Oh well.  At least there was more chicken and pasta.  And chocolate ice cream for dessert.  I didn’t take a picture, so here’s the June pic of my grandson, instead (Sorry, Laura.  I know he’s just a baby, but I think he’s perfect.)

June 2010 - 5 months old

My daughter has turned into a decent photographer.  Here’s a couple more that she took that are NOT of my grandson.

(Arachnophobic Alert:  Spiders ahead.  Proceed with Caution)

Zipper Spider in the Garden

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Twitterpated Lizards on the Wall

I’m not sure why this one is so small, but if I try to make it larger it gets all pixellated and looks really crappy.

Shy Lizard Hiding in the Bushes

I told her today that she’s discovered a hidden talent for bug and reptile photography.  Who knew?

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