Army Basic Graduation


Last week, my sister and my daughter’s fiancee went with me to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri to see my daughter graduate from Army Basic Training. We were on the road for 4 hours when my daughter called to let me know that she would not, in fact, be graduating (she failed her final PT test – missed it by six sit-ups). She did get a 12-hour pass the day before graduation, so we at least got to visit for a while. She will re-take the PT test again today. Keep your fingers crossed that she passes this time!

Here are a few pictures. Since my sister was the photographer, she isn’t in any of the pics. She’s good that way.


The Reunion – Don’t they look happy to see each other!

A trip to Wally World for odds & ends that she can’t buy on base.

Leave it to my sister to photograph me from my good side.


Me, Jean and Antoine waiting for a table for dinner


PFC Murphy. Next stop is AIT.

Letters from Boot Camp


boots.jpg I got a letter today from my daughter, who is at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for Army Basic Training. Strange as it seems, it sounds like she's having the time of her life.

She did well on the initial PT (physical training) test; I know she'd been worried about the running segment (she's been smoking since she was … well, I found out about it when she was 15). Apparently, she did okay. She said that 14 of her company were put on probation … they have 4 weeks to get into shape so they can pass the PT test, or they go home.

She will get to come home for Christmas! The Army calls it "Exodus". Basic Training camps shut down for two weeks over the holidays, and the recruits are allowed to come home (on their own dime; the Army does not pay for their transportation). She'll be home on the 20th of December, and not have to report back in until the 3rd of January. I guess this lets the Drill Instructors and other support staff spend the holidays with their families, too; but it sure is different from what I've heard about Basic Training!

That's about all. She did get to make a quick phone call home on Thanksgiving Day ("quick" being the operative word here) and she sounded great. She's very happy with her decision to enlist. So am I.

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Ok, I’m Bragging


armymom.jpgBut I'm the Mom, and hey, it's my job, right? The source of my current pride is my daughter, who has just been accepted into the U.S. Army. She ships to basic training in MO on Nov. 15. Upon completion, she will be stationed with the 229th Military Intelligence Battalion, Presidio of Monterey, CA, for 12 months. While there she will be trained at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center for work in cryptography.

She has worked very hard for this … most notably she had to lose a significant amount of weight to qualify. I'm so proud of her!