Seasons In The Sun

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terry_jacks-seasons_in_the_sun_s.jpgThis 1973 hit for Terry Jacks was his only solo hit in the US. He also had hits as part of the group “The Poppy Family” (most notably, Which Way You Goin’, Billy, in 1969) and others in Canada as a solo act. More

Smiling Faces

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undtruth.jpgAnother “One Hit Wonder” – The Undisputed Truth with their 1971 hit, Smiling Faces.

Check out the hair on this lot – talk about funkedelic! More

Sweet Mary

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As the third installment in the “One Hit Wonders” category, I submit for your nostalgic pleasure Sweet Mary, by Wadsworth Mansion. Although this video suggests that Mary Tyler Moore was the “Mary” alluded to in the title, I have found no evidence to back that up. Also, the publisher of the video has mistakenly credited the group as “Wadsworth Madison”, which is incorrect.   And what’s with the picture of Gen. Patton at the opening of the video?  It was the only video of this song that I found on YouTube.

Ma Belle Amie

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Part Two of the “One Hit Wonders” series, Ma Belle Amie was recorded by Dutch pop group The Tee Set in 1969.

This is the first record I ever bought, on 45 RPM, with my own money. I was 11 at the time. I still have it.

Montego Bay

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This is a new category I’d like to try out to see how ya’ll like it … it’s just a bunch of songs that I remember from my adolescence by flash-in-the-pan artists who were never heard from again.

First up: Bobby Bloom – “Montego Bay” (1970)

Bloom was killed on 28 February 1974 in an accidental shooting after suffering from depression at age 28.