Now I Want Otters

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My daughter posted this morning, which makes me look like the consummate slacker, so I figured I’d better make an effort at putting something up.  Then I saw this video at Baboon Pirates.  Check it out; you’ll want otters too!

And just because he’s mine, here’s a picture of my grandson playing on the swings.

Ahh...there's nothing like having the wind in your hair!

Best Buddies


My niece is visiting my sister with her two rug rats.  It’s a shame that grandma’s dogs don’t like kids.   This is Zeke, the Great Dane, and 14-month-old Alex.

There's nothing like a mid-afternoon nap on the deck

On another happy note, my grandson is coming to visit me later this month.  Oh, and his Mom & Dad, too, I guess.

It’s My Own Fault for Drinking Red Wine With Chicken


I made roast chicken and fettuccine Alfredo for dinner, and poured myself the last glass from a bottle of Merlot to go with it.  Then I proceeded to knock the glass over into my lap, all over the plate and the table, not to mention the floor.  I”m such a klutz.  Khaki pants with red wine stains.  Light brown leather shoes with red wine stains.  And I didn’t even get a sip – like I said, it was the last glass.  Oh well.  At least there was more chicken and pasta.  And chocolate ice cream for dessert.  I didn’t take a picture, so here’s the June pic of my grandson, instead (Sorry, Laura.  I know he’s just a baby, but I think he’s perfect.)

June 2010 - 5 months old

My daughter has turned into a decent photographer.  Here’s a couple more that she took that are NOT of my grandson.

(Arachnophobic Alert:  Spiders ahead.  Proceed with Caution)

Zipper Spider in the Garden

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Twitterpated Lizards on the Wall

I’m not sure why this one is so small, but if I try to make it larger it gets all pixellated and looks really crappy.

Shy Lizard Hiding in the Bushes

I told her today that she’s discovered a hidden talent for bug and reptile photography.  Who knew?

He’s Just Big Boned


Oreo decided he wants to blog, too.  He’s determined that the best way to do that is to lay across my forearms while I type.  While it seems to suit him, it makes my life somewhat difficult.

It's hard to type with 24 pounds of cat in your arms

What’s in Bloom?


It’s a perfectly lovely evening here in Central North Carolina.  Not too warm, the humidity is way down (compared to this past weekend, which was like swimming), and a light breeze blowing.  I took a stroll around the gardens (poor neglected things that they are), and took some pics to share with the world.  Clicking on the pics will embiggify.

The pansies are in a pot on the table on the back deck, leftovers from the winter.  It’s really too hot for them now, but they’re too stupid to die.

I snagged the Daylilies from my sister when she was ‘thinning’ hers.  I swear she can grow anything, anywhere, and it always thrives and multiplies.  I’ve gotten some of my best plants that way!  I have several ‘clumps’ around the yard and up both sides of the driveway.  They’re so bright and cheerful, and they bloom nearly all summer long.

I ordered the Hydrangeas from Spring Hill Nursery a few years back and this is the first year that they’ve all bloomed together.  They’re supposed to be Red, White & Blue.  I was going for a theme.  But the red one is a funny purple/pinkish color, and the blue one is the light blue, so they just didn’t work out the way I wanted.  I think it has something to do with the acidity of the soil.

The dark blue Hydrangea was bought separately, a few years earlier, and has been transplanted twice.  The flower clusters on it are HUGE.  I was hoping you’d be able to get some sense of their HUGENESS in the shot of the whole bush, but you really can’t.  Some of them are like 9 or 10 inches in diameter.  I simply MUST cut some and bring them to work to put on my desk.

The Black-Eyed Susans are outside the kitchen window.  I thought they were all the same variety when I planted them, but apparently I was mistaken.  Which is cool; I like the different looks to them.

Tell me – what’s blooming in your yard?

Black-Eyed Susans


I planted these two years ago, but they haven’t bloomed before this year.  I’d pretty much given up on them.  I’m blaming ‘transplant shock’ for the first year, and a significant drought/watering ban for last year.  This year, they’re making up for lost time!

Funny part is, I only remember planting one variety; looks like I’ve got three.  Bonus for me!

As always, click to enlarge.

Gifts from Felines


One of my cats (I don’t know which one) brought me a gift.  It’s a lizard.  I have no idea what kind of lizard.  It was dead when I found it on the kitchen floor.  The cats seem to enjoy bringing live lizards, salamanders, skinks, and small rodents into the house, releasing them, and then chasing them to death.  They rarely have a mark on them when I find their little carcasses.

This is a new species for them.  I’ve never seen a lizard quite like this before.  Anyone?  Beuhler?  Click to embiggify.

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