Who was President?

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I saw this quiz over at Grouchy Old Cripple and decided to give it a shot.  It’s definitely more difficult than most of the online quizzes I’ve come across.  All you need to do is choose who the president was when certain well-known events occurred.  They even made it multiple guess choice, and still I only got the first 3 and the last 3 correct; I flubbed everything in the middle.  Final score: 46%.  I used to be pretty good at history.

Who Was President? Quiz

I knew it …


Is your cat plotting to kill you?

Since I have three cats, I answered for all three of them at once time. What’s true for one isn’t necessarily true for the others; I think this skewed the results a little.

Weird Book Meme


Tagged by MoK at Six Degrees of Blondness:

The rules are: Pass it on to five other bloggers, and tell them to open the nearest book to page 56. Write out the fifth sentence on that page, and also the next two to five sentences. The CLOSEST BOOK, NOT YOUR FAVORITE, OR MOST INTELLECTUAL!

From Scarlet, by Stephen R. Lawhead:scarlet

Odo speaks his English with the strange flat tongue of the Frank outlanders.  That he speaks English at all is a wonder, I suppose, and the reason why Hugo chose him.  Poor Odo is a pudgy pudding of a man, young enough, and earnest in faith and practice, but pale and only too ready to retire, claiming cramp or cold or fatigue.  He is always fatigued, and for no good reason it seems to me.  He makes as if chasing a leaking nib across fresh-scraped vellum is as mighty a labour as toting the carcass of a fat hind through the greenwood on your back with the sheriff’s men on your tail.

I’m going to tag Sassy Sistah and Pastor Geek, both of whom I know to be avid readers.  Anyone else who wants to play along, go for it!

We don’t disagree on EVERYTHING


There is no one candidate with whom I agree on 100% of the issues, or with whom I disagree with 100%.  This test is maybe a little biased against Obama, mostly in the way the questions are worded, but not overtly so.  It also give you the opportunity to see which issues you agreed on and which you disagreed on … so you can set your priorities.  For example, Obama and I agree on taxing imported ethanol; and that Homeland Security should have to have a warrant before performing a search/seizure on American citizens.

You DISAGREED with the Barack Obama position on 46 of the 51 test questions. This means you disagree with the Obama position 90% of the time.

I hope this will help you make an informed decision on Election Day!

BarackObamaTest.com ::: Before you vote… take the test.

H/T to Jeffro at The Poor Farm for the link!

Jackpot Meme

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Hammer invited all to participate in a new meme.

You just won the mega powerball jackpot to the tune of 150 million dollars (after taxes)

1. What would be the very first thing you would do? Hire a financial advisor.

2. Where would you choose to live? I’d stay in the same town, but I’d get new digs.

3. What kind of house would you live in? A custom-built log home.

4. What kind of car would you buy? Cars are not that important to me; I know I’d want a 4-door pickup truck, and I’d finally buy that motorcycle I’ve had my eye on.  I’d probably trade in my Taurus for a new sedan of some type, but I don’t have any particular make/model in mind.

5. Where would you vacation? Nowhere in particular – everywhere.  I love the tropics; I’d love to “see America”; the Orient has always fascinated me; I’d love to tour the great cities of Europe; Egypt and the Holy Land would be interesting.

6. Would you have anything on your body fixed? Doubtful.  At my age, I’m mostly beyond repair.

7. What kind of hobbies would you engage in? I would build a kennel to rescue/foster Great Danes.

8. What charities would you donate to? Because they were there when I needed them, I would definitely support Ronald McDonald House and Children’s Miracle Network.  I would also support Fisher House and any causes that help our military personnel re-acclimate to civilian life.

9. Would you give money to your relatives? My sister and I have a deal – if one of us wins, we’d split it with the other, 50-50.  Beyond that, I’d give each of my kids a “nest egg” and let them build their own lives.

10.Would you run away from your current life? No – my life is pretty good, overall.

11. Would you continue to work? Oh, HELL no.

12. Would the money change you in any way? Seems like it would have to, but I can’t imagine what those changes would be.

I’m not tagging anyone, but feel free to copy/paste and participate!

My “Bucket List”


Jeffro over at The Poor Farm has tagged me to do The Bucket List Meme, listing the things I’d do if I found out I had a terminal illness. My list assumes that whatever my illness is, it doesn’t restrict me physically; otherwise, the list would be very different. There’s no set number of items required — everyone’s list will be different.


1. I’d go hang gliding. Every time I see hang gliding, I think about how much fun it would be, but I’ve never actually tried it. I’d start slow, maybe at Kitty Hawk here in NC, but I’d want to work my way up to the Grand Canyon.

2. I’d visit far-away family that I haven’t seen in a long time. I have aunts, uncles and cousins all over the US, Canada and the Caribbean, and it seems that we seldom have the opportunity to get together.

3. I’d visit a glacier, and a volcano.

4. I’d walk the Mountains-To-The-Sea Trail across North Carolina.

I’m not going to tag anyone in particular, but if you’d like to play along please leave a comment with a linky to your list!

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